Marietta Cyber Crime Lawyer

Marietta Cyber Crime Lawyer
Marietta Cyber Crime Lawyer

Marietta Cybercrime Attorney

If you have been accused of a cybercrime in Marietta, the assistance of a Marietta cybercrime lawyer can help you understand your rights and discuss your potential options. It takes detailed knowledge of cybersecurity and cyberlaw to navigate through the complexities of a cybercrime case.

Cybercrime and online attacks are only becoming more prevalent. Unfortunately, this is because cybercriminals are constantly looking for new opportunities to strike unaware victims. Cyberlaw can be complex and difficult to understand.

Computer & Internet Crimes Defense GA

At The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman, we not only protect our clients and their interests but also help them better understand their rights under cyber laws in Marietta. Our team can work to assess your situation and determine which legal steps you should take. Our computer & internet crimes defense GA attorney is experienced in cybercrimes, cybersecurity, and cyber law and can help clients navigate their unique case.

Types of Cybercrimes

There are several different forms of cybercrime that could occur. Below is a list of a few of the most common cybercrimes used by criminals.

  • Identity theft. Identity theft is one of the most prevalent crimes used by criminals. Identity theft involves stealing someone’s personal information and using it to impersonate that person. This can include social security, credit cards, bank or brokerage accounts, driver’s licenses, or any other information that identifies identity.
  • Hacking. Hacking can generally involve a criminal’s attempt to access personal or private information without consent.
  • Cyberstalking. Cyberstalking is a relatively new crime, with more cases coming to light. Cyberstalking is an electronic form of harassment in which a perpetrator stalks, harasses, or threatens an individual over an online platform. This form of cybercrime is most common on social media platforms or online platforms that allow for social engagement.
  • Computer fraud. Computer fraud is a fairly broad crime that can include phishing, scamming, malware, or spyware. Computer fraud includes any example in which a criminal is trying to gain access to private or sensitive information with the intention of defrauding the victim.

Penalties for Cybercrimes

In Marietta, a cybercrime is a very serious action, and under Georgia state law, criminals convicted of cyber fraud could face up to 15 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000. On top of this, a judge may also issue restitution. Generally, a victim of a cybercrime may seek compensation for the total amount of the losses that they incurred as a result of the cybercrime and may pursue compensation for any interest or financial gains that the criminal gained from the crime.

Potential Defenses

Potential defenses to computer or internet crimes can include the following:

  • Proper authority. If there was any evidence that the perpetrator did indeed have the authority to access the information, then that could be a big factor in the case.
  • Unintentional. If an argument can be made that the perpetrator accidentally accessed the information, then that could also be a significant factor in the case.
  • No access to sensitive information. Any proof that the information accessed was not personal, financial, or sensitive could severely impact the case.

As mentioned before, an experienced Internet crimes defense attorney can help review the specifics of your case and help you understand your rights under Georgia state law.

FAQs About Marietta, GA Cyber Crime Law

What Is the Role of a Cyber Lawyer?

The role of a cyber lawyer is to educate and defend individuals who have been involved in cyberattacks, identity theft, scams, malware, or phishing. Cybercrimes have increased over recent years, and it takes an experienced cyber lawyer to help educate individuals as to their rights under cyber law. If you have been involved in a cybercrime, a cyber lawyer will have the skill set to help navigate through the complexities of cyber law and can help you understand your rights.

What Is Computer Invasion of Privacy in Georgia?

Computer invasion of privacy, as defined by Georgia state law, can include any person who uses a computer or a computer network to intentionally access the personal records of another individual without proper access or consent. Personal records can include medical records, employment records, credit reports, salary information, or any other medical or personal records of the individual. Persons who are found guilty of computer invasion of privacy can face up to 15 years in prison and/or fines of up to $50,000.

Can You Sue for an Invasion of Privacy in Georgia?

Yes, you can sue for invasion of privacy in the state of Georgia. If an individual suffered personal or property damages as a result of a privacy invasion, the individual can sue to recover damages incurred. Computer invasion of privacy is considered a felony under Georgia state law. Invasion of privacy crimes can be a very serious criminal offense and are not taken lightly. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help to educate individuals on their rights under cyber law.

What Are the Examples of Cybercrime?

Examples of cybercrimes are phishing, identity theft, and ransomware attacks. Phishing is using scams on individuals in an attempt to get their personal information. Identity theft is when a person pretends to be someone else using digital information. Ransomware attacks occur when a virus or malware is used in an attempt to corrupt an individual’s computer and access their personal information. These are only a few of the examples of cybercrimes.

Attorneys Ready to Help

Cybercrimes can be one of the most complex types of federal crimes committed. They can often leave individuals involved confused, overwhelmed, and looking for answers. It is important that these individuals receive the direction and help that they need. An experienced cyber defense attorney can help review your case and discuss potential options that may be available to you.

The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman has years of experience working on highly complex cases and high-profile federal cases. Our legal team takes a detailed approach to each and every case and can provide the assistance you need. If you are looking for answers or are unsure of what your potential options are under cyber law, contact our offices today for the assistance you need.

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