Atlanta Federal Government Investigation Defense Attorney

Atlanta Federal Government Investigation Defense Attorney

Atlanta Federal Government Investigation Defense Lawyer

Being investigated by the law is intimidating. Whether you are pulled over in your car or face an IRS audit, it can be very unnerving to have a government agent conducting investigations at your home, work, car, or other property. You cannot always stop these investigations from happening. However, you can minimize the damage that they do by having a legal representative.

Many people think of violent crimes when they think of defense lawyers, but that is not the full picture. A defense attorney can help protect your individual or business rights any time the law gets involved. As trained professionals, we can make sure you understand the reality of the situation. We can also tell you what you are obligated to disclose and what you are not. This can be immensely helpful when government agencies aim to investigate their citizens.

Our team at The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman has the experience you need for your federal investigation.

The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman: Georgia Federal Investigation Defense Lawyer

Our team at ​​The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman has been working in the federal criminal defense sector for over 25 years. We understand the complexity of these cases and what is at stake in your case. You may be facing a simple investigation now. However, the situation can easily escalate into full charges and, eventually,a conviction. It is never too early to hire your legal defense for a criminal case.Our Georgia team is here for you.

The experienced attorney at The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman approaches each case with an open mind. Although we have seen many cases like yours, we know the details of yours are unique. This is essential to the efficacy of our defense strategy. We create a relationship of trust so we can build a defense that is tailored to your specific scenario and needs.

If you need a defense attorney for a criminal investigation, trust the multidisciplinary team at The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman.

What Is a Government Investigation?

Government investigations occur any time an agent of a federal or state government agency looks for evidence of a white- collarcrime. Audits are a commonly understood type of non-discretionary government investigation, but the process is not always so obvious. In some cases, the government begins to investigate your information before making a formal notice.

The purpose of government investigations is to determine whether a crime has been committed.They will also determine if there is sufficient evidence to bring a case against an individual, group, or business. Formal government investigations occur because of white -collar crimes or business litigation claims. Sometimes, these investigations do not lead to cases or convictions. However, it is possible for the government to find sufficient evidence to file a claim.

If you are approached by any government or law enforcement agents, refrain from speaking with them until your lawyer is present. Their questions, however innocent they may seem, may be part of the start of a criminal investigation. It is imperative to exercise caution when speaking to federal agents, even if you have done nothing wrong. Even an accusation of wrongdoing can alter your reputation and make it difficult to find gainful employment in the future.

Why Do I Need a Federal Investigations Attorney?

Although you may believe that you can handle a federal investigation on your own, it is dangerous to do so. It is far easier than you think to make statements that the prosecution can use against you. Although you may believe that you said something innocent or innocuous, it may give the agents a lot of insight into the reality of your situation.

When you have an attorney to represent you, your attorney can handle all interactions with investigating agents. It is your representative’s job to:

  • Preserve your innocence.
  • Make sure that the agents are not overstepping.
  • Make statements that reveal information without inadvertently admitting fault or involvement in a crime.

The consequences of a federal investigation can be catastrophic for your life. If the agents find illegal activity, you may face years or even decades in prison, depending on the nature of the situation. You will likely also have to pay significant fines that can easily bankrupt an average family. Even if the investigation is inconclusive, the insinuation of wrongdoing can ruin your business or personal life. An attorney can helpmitigate the damage that the investigation causes and give you the potential to return to normal.

White Collar Crimes

Government investigations look into white collar crimes. These are crimes that are:

  • Nonviolent
  • Require some business knowledge
  • Usually financial in nature

If you are facing white-collar charges, it is essential for you to understand the types of offenses that may be investigated.

Wire Fraud

Because most people have access to a computer and the internet, crimes happen via technology. Wire fraud is any fraudulent behavior that involves the internet or other telecommunications. This includes crimes that are committedvia phone, social media platform, text, fax, or email.

Wire fraud has become common, but its prevalence can lead to false accusations and misunderstandings. If you have been accused of wire fraud, it is essential that you find a criminal defense attorney to represent you.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is a financial crime. A person takes money that was earned in an illegal way and makes it look legitimate. Many people do this by funneling money through a fake or underperforming business. By making the money look like it came from a legitimate source, the IRS does not necessarily suspect foul play. However, suspicion of money laundering may lead to a federal criminal investigation.

Tax Fraud

When an individual or business files their taxes, they are expected to do so with accurate information. Many people make mistakes and get audited. However, tax fraud occurs when an individual or business purposefully falsifies their tax information to receive more money.

If found guilty of tax fraud, you will be liable for the unpaid taxes as well as additional interest and late fees. This is in addition to the fines you will need to pay for committing the fraud. Because there is so much at stake, be sure to find an attorney to defend you.

Antitrust Violations

The United States has a set of antitrust laws that prevent businesses from engaging in certain behaviors. When a business does engage in such behavior, they may face antitrust violation accusations and a criminal investigation.

Examples of antitrust violations include:

  • Monopolization
  • Restraints
  • Price fixing
  • Price discrimination

Trust laws are especially complicated.It is especially important to find an attorney with direct experience with these matters.

There are many other examples of white-collar crimes for which the government may investigate your family or business. If you believe that you are being investigated, or suspect that you will be investigated, it is important to find legal representation right away.

What Should I Look for in a Government Investigation Defense Attorney?

Whether you are facing charges as an individual or through your business, it is important to find an attorney to represent you. Your attorney should have certain qualifications to ensure that you have proper support during your case.

Your top priority when finding a federal criminal investigation attorney is experience. Your attorney’s experience will be a top indicator of how they will handle your situation. If the attorney has significant experience, they can use their knowledge of past cases to inform the decisions that they make in your case. This generally works to the client’s benefit.

If you can, be specific when discussing attorney experience. Rather than looking for someone who only has experience with criminal investigations, search for someone who has direct experience with the specific white-collar crime you are being accused of.

Comfort is also very important when looking for the right attorney. You will need to speak openly with your attorney about the situation, as well as any wrongdoing or details that may paint you in a bad light. If you do not feel comfortable talking openly with your lawyer, your case will suffer. Similarly, you must trust your legal representation to protect your rights and fight for your innocence.

Lastly, it is important to discuss finances with any potential attorneys that you speak with. All attorneys charge differently for their services.

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