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Internet Crimes

Atlanta Internet Crimes Lawyer

Internet crimes have been identified as one of the top legal issues of our time. From online sexual predators and child pornography to internet theft, and credit card fraud, prosecutors and investigators are aggressively prosecuting all computer and web-based crimes. Some law enforcement agencies utilize special cybercrime law enforcement units to find online criminals. Many arrests have come from online solicitation of prostitution, and fraud from activities on sites such as Craigslist.

Internet crimes or cybercrimes cover a wide amount of offenses, and any one of them could end up with you in jail. If you’ve been accused of or arrested for an internet crime, you need an Atlanta internet crime lawyer and law firm you can trust. Lawrence J. Zimmerman can help with your defense.

Why You Should Trust Lawrence J. Zimmerman With Your Internet Crime Case

Lawrence J. Zimmerman has been working in criminal law for over 25 years, so he knows the inner workings of the criminal justice system like few attorneys in the Atlanta area. He studied law at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and quickly set up his law firm after passing the bar and graduating.

Mr. Zimmerman has won numerous awards during his career, and several outlets have listed him as a premium defense attorney in the area. He has even worked as a security consultant for the Atlanta Falcons football team.

What Is Internet Crime?

Internet crime covers a variety of offenses. The basic tenant of a cybercrime is any offense that uses or targets a computer. Some cybercrimes are similar to their less technologically inclined namesakes. For instance, identity fraud is still the same whether you steal someone’s social security card or use a computer to steal their identity.

However, internet crime covers criminal acts that the perpetrator can only do through the use of the computer or the internet. Many of these crimes, like crypto-jacking or ransomware attacks, are modern inventions and have less precedent in case law compared to other crimes.

Persons suspected of any types of internet crime may be hit with Federal criminal charges, depending on the nature of the activity, for a variety of online actions.

Common online crimes include possession or distribution of child pornography, computer crimes against children, credit card fraud, online sex crimes, cyber stalking, identity theft, internet fraud, cyber bullying, computer hacking and cyber terrorism.

Social Media Cyber Crime

There is a growing number of people suffering charges from social media related criminal charges. In times of emotionally charged political conversations there is a risk that a comment can be considered a terroristic threat. Underage kids, especially people dating or flirting, may share risque photos that are deemed by law enforcement to be a child porn crime. Juveniles may make unlawful purchases online with no thoughts that it may cause a legal problem. Kids may access someones social media accounts or pages without authorization, which is considered to be hacking. We understand that sometimes people with no true criminal intent can be charged with serious felony charges.

Do I Need a Lawyer When Dealing With an Internet Crime Arrest?

While you are always free to represent yourself in any criminal proceeding, we recommend hiring a lawyer when dealing with a cybercrime allegation. Due to the nature of cybercrimes, they are difficult to understand or investigate on your own. You need someone with a textbook knowledge of the law and an understanding of computers and the internet.

Law enforcement uses many advanced tactics to investigate a cybercrime. They may set up online stings, as made famous in the Dateline NBC special about soliciting children for sex. Officers may also use wiretaps or other devices to investigate a computer or phone remotely.

With such complex tactics in use, you need a lawyer who understands these methods and what it means for you. Lawrence J. Zimmerman has experience dealing with internet crimes and understands the process law enforcement uses to gather evidence. He can advocate for you before, during, and after the trial to get you a fair deal.

Another reason you will want a lawyer representing you for any suspected internet crime is the constantly shifting nature of the crimes. A layperson likely won’t have up-to-date knowledge of any change in the laws. An experienced Atlanta internet crime lawyer and law firm know your rights and what the charges mean for you.

Types of Internet Crimes

Since internet crimes cover many subjects, it is better to look at a few of the most common charges that are associated with internet crime.

Malware and Ransomware Attacks

Since usage of the internet became available to the public, some hackers have made it their mission to use that connectivity for nefarious purposes. Hackers may use the internet to send files to other people with the hopes that they will open them and think nothing of it. The file will then write code on the affected person’s computer and give them a computer virus. These attacks are malware.

Other hackers will try to extort the affected party for money by promising to remove the virus for a price. This is a ransomware attack.

These crimes are incredibly complex, and you need a lawyer with an understanding of the legalities to fight for you in court.


Cyberespionage sounds like something out of a spy movie, but it’s become all too common in the Information Age. If the government accuses you of cyberespionage, they believe that you stole information from a company or government agency through hacking or other illegal means.

Anyone accused of committing cyber espionage faces a hefty penalty. You need an experienced Atlanta internet crime lawyer and law firm on your side to fight the allegations and prove your innocence in a court of law.

FAQs About Atlanta, GA Internet Crime Law

Who Investigates Internet-Related Crimes?

Depending on the nature of the offense, you may be dealing with local law enforcement officials or the FBI for serious matters. The FBI is one of the leading investigators for internet crime, though the organization mainly deals with major cyberattacks.

Simpler matters like minor credit card fraud or cyberstalking will likely only involve local or state authorities. Agencies use advanced tactics like wiretaps and stings to conduct investigations on internet crimes.

What Are Five Cybercrimes?

Internet crimes cover many different offenses. Some of the crimes are older offenses, but criminals can now use a computer to aid the process. Others are unique crimes relying on the internet or a computer. All cybercrimes involve the use of computers to perpetrate an illegal action.

Five examples of cybercrime include:

  • Email fraud
  • Illegal gambling
  • Cyberextortion
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Cyberespionage

What Are the Two Elements of Computer Crime?

For law enforcement to define an act as an internet crime or cybercrime, there must be one of two elements present:

  1. The perpetrator must be targeting another computer to do an illegal activity. This could include participating in ransomware attacks or espionage.
  2. The criminal must be using the computer as a tool for committing a crime. This may include identity theft or credit card fraud.

What Is a Cybercrime in Information Security?

Information security is any group working to protect sensitive information from leaking outside the approved parties. Governments or companies may employ information security experts to protect them from cyberattacks or other forms of espionage.

Cybercriminals may try to steal information or data from a company with the intent to hold it hostage or sell it. These crimes would fall under breaches of information security.

Lawrence J. Zimmerman: Your Experienced Attorney on Cybercrime

Anyone charged with any internet crime should immediately contact Lawrence Zimmerman to discuss their situation and explore legal defense options. Our cyber crimes defense services can mean the difference in your freedom and your long term imprisonment.

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Internet (Online Pharmacy)

Client was convicted of running a pharmaceutical website that sold prescription pills with supposed sales in excess of $75 million. We were brought on the case to convince the court to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea. This case is currently pending and is a very well known case in the United States.

Drug Sales

Client was accused by the Marietta Cobb Smyrna task force of selling drugs to three undercover officers on two separate occasions. The case proceeded to trial and a jury returned a not guilty verdict within one hour. After the verdict the jurors demanded that the lead case agent be reprimanded and demoted.

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