Lawrence Zimmerman has been representing those accused of serious crimes for 18 years both in the state and federal courts. He has acquitted people of crimes ranging from murder to rape and reversed convictions in the appellate courts. He attended University of Florida undergraduate school and then went to law school at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. After law school, he moved to Atlanta and opened up his own firm within the first six months of practicing as a lawyer.

He has been involved in high profile cases including but not limited to, Gucci Mane (Henry County), PeeWee Roscoe (Lil Wayne shooting), Eating While Driving, Justin Bieber’s bodyguard, Roswell Publix murder, Cobb County Hot Car case,  I-85 Arson case and recently a Seattle Seahawks player. Regardless of publicity, he considers each and every single client his most important client. Recently, he had a scholarly article published in the Georgia Bar Journal titled “How Not to Get Thrown In Jail.” Mr. Zimmerman is considered one of the top lawyers in the State of Georgia and you can read his reviews on

In addition to his work as a lawyer, he is a trusted legal analyst for several Atlanta news stations. He has been quoted in many newspapers including the New York Times, Washington Post, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and the Miami Herald to name just a few. He has been on the AJC’s “Breakdown” Series podcast several times and Vinnie Politan’s Legal Insanity. He has been featured on the front page of the Daily Report, which is Georgia’s only legal newspaper for lawyers, six times in the past three years. One of his child molestation cases was featured in the Wall Street Journal. He has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, CBS Morning News, CNN, HLN and he is mentioned in ABC news anchor Amy Robach’s book “Better.” He is a Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (GACDL) Life Member, GACDL Vice-President and their Strike Force Chair among other leadership positions. He also works with the Atlanta Falcons security team. On May 1, 2018, he received the prestigious Gideon’s Promise Award from the Southern Center for Human Rights for his work on behalf of the man falsely accused of setting Interstate 85 on fire.

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Feb 2017

Human trafficking investigation

Document indicates Roberts made prior threats

Jeffrey Hazelwood’s First Court Appearance

Jeffrey Hazelwood, who is accused of killing teenagers Carter Davis and Natalie Henderson behind a Publix in Roswell, made his first appearance in Fulton County Court where he exhibited some unusual behavior.

Lawrence Zimmerman: Anderson Cooper 360 discussing Leanna Harris polygraph results.

Lawrence Zimmerman sits down for an exclusive interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 after his client, Leanna Harris, passes a polygraph test which had questions about the death of her son.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

In a crisis, you need someone who has the experience to not only manage the crisis but to have the foresight to see ten steps ahead. This is what sets Mr. Zimmerman apart from his colleagues. He uses a 360-degree approach when developing an aggressive game plan to protect you from being prosecuted. In fact, if you read his client reviews on, most of his clients tout his aggressiveness and his ability to execute the plan that he has created for you.

When you are in need, you do not want a lawyer who only reacts to his opponent’s moves. You want your opponent reacting to your moves. Mr. Zimmerman’s reputation among lawyers is stellar and that is why some of them will call him for assistance when they are in trouble, or just in need of some advice.

Success Stories

  • Client charged with possession of cocaine in Cobb Superior Court. Client had a very long criminal history. The prosecutor asked for our client to serve 5 years in prison as a repeat offender. We successfully argued that our client should be sent to a drug rehab facility. The court agreed with us, and he went drug rehab where he was successful.

    Cocaine Possession
  • Client facing a probation revocation in Gwinnett County State Court. Our office was successful in gaining our client’s release.

    –State v. T.C.

    Probation Revocation
  • We represented the manager of a smoke shop in Cherokee County who was charged with selling synthetic drugs and in violation of Chase’s law. It was one of the first in the state. The state was asking for prison time, but we were successful in convincing the court to give the client probation and first offender.

    Drug Charges in Cherokee Co.
  • Client was charged with Domestic Violence in Union County. For some reason, the court issued a no contact order between the parties. After our office intervened, the court no contact order was removed and the case eventually dropped.

    Domestic Violence
  • Client charged with Theft by Shoplifting in Cobb County for stealing $2000.00 worth of goods from Macy’s. Our office was able to negotiate a dismissal in exchange for 100 hours of community service.

    –State v. B.S.

  • Client charged with trafficking 99 kilos of cocaine and the government recommended 210 months in prison. Defense counsel made several objections under the federal sentencing guidelines resulting in a sentence of only forty months.

    Drug Trafficking
  • Client charged with violation of felony probation in Cobb County based on new felony charges of false imprisonment in Athens-Clarke County. Defense counsel immediately became involved by interviewing several witnesses to the crime in Athens. After this investigation, Mr. Zimmerman presented the information to the District Attorney who dismissed the felony charges. The dismissal of these charges resulted in a dismissal of the probation violation in Cobb County. Our client was never arrested.

    –State v. Undisclosed

    Probation Violation
  • Client charged with trafficking in methamphetamine in Cobb County. After an extensive investigation our office proved to the District Attorney’s Office that our client was not involved in the crime. The charges were dismissed.

    Meth Trafficking

Practice Areas

Drug crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

Drug Crimes

Charges may include Drug Possession, (PCS), Intent to Distribute, Drug Trafficking, Drug Manufacturing, Prescription Drug Fraud, Marijuana Cultivation

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Internet cyber crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

Internet Crimes

Charges may include Cyber Stalking, Credit Card Fraud, Child Pornography, Computer Hacking, Identity Theft, Cyber Terrorism, Consumer Fraud, Wire Fraud

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Property crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

Property Crimes

Charges may include Arson, Unlawful Entry, Criminal Trespass, Destruction of Property, Vandalism, Larceny, Theft / Shoplifting, Possession of Stolen Property, Burglary

Read More
Sex crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

Sex Crimes

Charges may include Rape, Sexual Battery, Prostitution / Pandering, Aggravated Sodomy, Child Molestation, Child Pornography, Lewd Conduct, Indecent Exposure, Enticing A Minor,

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Violent crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

Violent Crimes

Charges may include Domestic Violence, Murder / Homicide, Manslaughter, Rape / Sodomy, ,Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Car Jacking, Burglary, Home Invasion, Aggravated Assault

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White collar crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

White Collar Crimes

Charges may include Embezzlement, Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, Extortion, Fraud (many types), Public Corruption, Counterfeiting, Bribery, Forgery

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Firearms crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta GA

Firearms Crimes

Charges may include Carrying Concealed Weapon (CCW), Brandishing a Firearm, Illegal Sale of a Firearm, Unlawful Discharge, Firearm Possession During a Crime, Firearm Possession by a Felon,

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Federal crimes criminal defense lawyer in Atlanta GA

Federal Crimes

Federal criminal charges are extremely serious and will be prosecuted by a government with unlimited resources. A conviction for a federal crime usually means a harsh sentence in an extremely

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Our Client Reviews

    Best Lawyer in Metro Atlanta
    I was in a very frightful and life changing moment. Mr. Zimmerman made me feel comfortable and understood how serious the matter was. He did an amazing job not in only closing the case but in showing true care and passion for my case and his craft. Without him I feel as if my life would have been flipped upside down. If you are in some hot water this is the right guy.


    Aggressive, Responsive and Gets Results
    Lawrence Zimmerman is a great attorney, and is the man you want in any situation. He is aggressive, smart and communicates with his clients quickly and clearly. He helped get my case dismissed and gave me great advice the entire time and answered any questions I had. He is someone you want in your corner fighting for you. Very professional and courteous, I would definitely recommend him without hesitation.


    Best Attorney in Atlanta and Surrounding Areas
    Mr. Zimmerman has represented me several times for bogus felony charges in Cherokee County. Each time he has represented me he proved that my constitutional rights were violated by the arresting agency and the prosecutors. I never went before a judge, all cases were dismissed. I highly recommend Lawrence Zimmerman and trust him with my freedom!


    This man saved my life
    Lawrence pull a magic trick in the court room, but scared me when I was in custody. When I was in custody, I didn’t like the way he was talking but he got me off a state and federal case. You might he’s expensive but it’s worth every penny. THANKS LAWRENCE.


    Felt Confident in my chances to win!
    Thanks to Lawrence my case was able to be dismissed! I had never been arrested before and reassured me of the process every step of the way! I thank him so much for getting me my life back! He also has a super professional team that assisted me in the process! I can’t thank him enough!


    Mr Zimmerman saved my life. I was charged with 3 serious felonies & the verdict came out as not guilty on all 3 counts. Mr Zimmerman fought tremendously hard for me,and he never gave up. My case was on for more than 2yrs. My charges were extremely serious .My case went on to trial,the state wanted me to take a plea of 30yrs to do 10yrs.


    Protecting the Innocent!
    Arrested, That’s bad enough. But arrested for a crime you didn’t commit is really bad. After talking the case over with Mr. Zimmerman I felt comfortable with his thoughts as to my innocence, I hired Mr. Zimmerman because I felt he had my best interest in his hands. Communication with his office personnel and himself were excellent. Kept me up to date on all aspects of the case.


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