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Appearing On Vinnie Politan’s “Closing Arguments,” Lawrence Zimmerman Describes The Emotional Moment A Jury Returns With A Verdict.

A Leader Of Defense Lawyers In Georgia

Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Lawrence Zimmerman is recognized as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Georgia. He has been representing those accused of misdemeanor charges and serious felony crimes for over 25 years, both in the state and federal courts. He has acquitted people of crimes ranging from murder to rape and reversed convictions in the appellate courts. He attended University of Florida undergraduate school and then attended law school at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. After law school, he moved to Atlanta and opened up his own criminal defense law firm six months later.

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Anyone charged with a crime needs a defense attorney with the criminal defense experience to strategically manage your case. This includes having foresight into potential obstacles that may arise. Defense attorney Zimmerman has the experience and legal instincts to provide exceptional legal representation. He uses a 360-degree approach to develop an aggressive strategy to counter even the best prosecution effort. In fact, if you read his client reviews, his clients cite his ability to execute a successful defense with a fierce dedication to getting them through a difficult situation.

Attorney Zimmerman has a reputation among local lawyers and prosecutors as being one of the best defense lawyers in Atlanta. For this reason, other Atlanta defense lawyers often call him to collaborate on their challenging defense cases.

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