Success Stories

Success Stories

Lawrence Zimmerman Is An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Ready To Fight For Your Freedom And Reputation.

Before you hire any criminal defense attorney you should look beyond any advertising or pleasant conversations, and learn about the true capabilities of the attorney. Nothing speaks more to the truth about a criminal defense attorney’s capabilities than real life examples of results.

Sex Crimes

Child Molestation

State v. AS- Cobb County foster parent of the year charged in Douglas County Superior Court for child molestation. The judge granted a directed verdict on sexual battery count and the jury found him not guilty on all counts of child molestation.

Rape & Child Molestation

State v. JP – Gwinnett County charged him with rape, child molestation and other counts carrying life sentences. Jury deliberated for 5 days with case ending in a mistrial. However, 10 jurors voted for not guilty. Case was resolved to a misdemeanor with time served.


State v. G.O.- Client charged with Rape in Cobb County. Our office conducted a major investigation including interviewing the alleged victim several times. We discovered a problem with the Spanish-to-English translation of our Client’s confession. On the morning of trial, the prosecution dismissed the Rape charges resulting in our client’s release from jail.

Dekalb Co. Rape Case Closed

Client investigated for rape by Dekalb County Police. We conducted our own investigation, met with the police and the case was closed without the client being arrested.

Peeping Tom

Client charged in Cobb County with five felony counts of Peeping Tom. Our office conducted an intense investigation including canvassing an apartment complex to speak with any potential witnesses. We were successful in negotiating a reduction to two counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

–State v. Undisclosed

GA Tech Rape Case Closed

Client investigated by GA Tech police for rape. We were successful in preventing client from being arrested by instituting a plan of action and conducting our own investigation. We presented it to the police and they closed the case.

Child Molestation

Client charged with eight counts of Child Molestation in Fulton County Superior Court. Our office intervened early and conducted an extensive investigation. The District Attorney’s Office agreed and our client pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct with all other charges being dismissed.
–State v. A.W.

Child Molestation

Client charged with Child Molestation in that he touched his grandchildren in an inappropriate manner including touching his two young daughters thirty years ago. Our office investigated this case for months including interviewing witnesses and obtaining affidavits. The Child Molestation charges were dropped resulting in a plea to a misdemeanor battery. The Judge commended Mr. Zimmerman on his dedication to the case.

–State v. H.F.

Rape, Aggravated Child Molestation

Client charged with rape, aggravated child molestation of a 12 year old girl. We spent three years investigating, held focus groups, mock trials, interviewed many people in this Fulton County case. The mandatory sentence was 25 years to serve. On the eve of trial, the client pled guilty and was sentenced under the First Offender Act to two years in prison.

Drug Charges

Drug Charges in Cobb County

State v. PS – Client accused of selling drugs to an undercover Cobb County narcotics agent on two different occasions while two other agents watched both transactions from across the street. The jury acquitted the client on all counts.

Cocaine Possession

Client charged with possession of cocaine in Cobb Superior Court. Client had a very long criminal history. The prosecutor asked for our client to serve 5 years in prison as a repeat offender. We successfully argued that our client should be sent to a drug rehab facility. The court agreed with us, and he went drug rehab where he was successful.

Drug Charges in Cherokee Co.

We represented the manager of a smoke shop in Cherokee County who was charged with selling synthetic drugs and in violation of Chase’s law. It was one of the first in the state. The state was asking for prison time, but we were successful in convincing the court to give the client probation and first offender.

Drug Trafficking

Client charged with trafficking 99 kilos of cocaine and the government recommended 210 months in prison. Defense counsel made several objections under the federal sentencing guidelines resulting in a sentence of only forty months.

Meth Trafficking

Client charged with trafficking in methamphetamine in Cobb County. After an extensive investigation our office proved to the District Attorney’s Office that our client was not involved in the crime. The charges were dismissed.

Pill Mill

Client facing charges of operating a “Pill Mill” from a medical clinic. Case is currently being prepared.

Drug Trafficking

We represented a client in Asheville, North Carolina in the federal court on a huge drug trafficking case. Although the client confessed to the DEA before our involvement, we were very successful at sentencing due to our hard work at the pre-trial phase. It is a rocket docket in the Western District which means that you have forty-five days from arraignment to trial with no continuances allowed.

Possession Controlled Substance

Client charged in Gwinnett County with felony possession of prescription drugs and minor in possession of alcohol. Our office was hired within days of our client’s arrest and was able to prove that indeed these prescription drugs belonged to our client. The district attorney’s office dismissed the felony charges and the case was transferred to the State Court for the misdemeanor charge of minor in possession. We had those charges dismissed as well.

Drug Trafficking

Client charged with drug trafficking in federal court. Defense argued that these charges were barred under the Double Jeopardy Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Upon review, the United States Attorney dismissed the charges against client.

Cocaine Trafficking

Client charged in Hall County with cocaine trafficking. Our office discovered that the police failed to record the alleged confessions of all three defendants involved. The Hall County District Attorney’s Office agreed to dismiss the trafficking charges. Client pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and received two years probation. The original charge carried a ten year mandatory minimum sentence.

Cocaine Possession

Client was charged in Gwinnett County with Possession of Cocaine. Our office demanded a jury trial and one week prior to trial the District Attorney’s Office dismissed realizing they could not prove their case against our client.

Marijuana Possession

Client pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana in Turner County, Georgia. Our office was hired to handle the post-conviction matter by filing a habeas corpus petition. We discovered that the Solicitor General filed an improper charging document. Thus, the Superior Court agreed and we overturned the conviction

–State v. Undisclosed

Drug Case Reversed, Property Returned

Client was arrested and it was alleged he was selling fifty pounds of marijuana a week. Cobb County MCS obtained a search warrant and found a treasure trove of drugs. We lost a motion to suppress but asked the GA Court of Appeals to overturn it. We were successful and the Court of Appeals reversed the case. Case was dismissed, and ten firearms, $5000 in cash, a Corvette and a motorcycle was returned to my client.

Cocaine Distribution

Client was accused by the Marietta Cobb Smyrna task force of selling cocaine to an undercover officer. After an extensive investigation, including the defense’s hiring of a police academy instructor to rebut the lead agent’s testimony concerning proper police procedure, the State dismissed the case the morning of trial when counsel came to court ready to acquit his client.

Drug Trafficking

Client charged with trafficking in over 2500 pounds of marijuana and the government recommended 15 years in prison, but defense counsel successfully argued that client’s conduct should not result in an extensive sentence. Client received a four and a half year sentence and was pleased.

Meth Manufacturing

Client was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine in Cherokee County. After filing numerous motions and investigating the case, the charges were eventually dismissed.

Internet (Online Pharmacy)

Client was convicted of running a pharmaceutical website that sold prescription pills with supposed sales in excess of $75 million. We were brought on the case to convince the court to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea. This case is currently pending and is a very well known case in the United States.

Drug Sales

Client was accused by the Marietta Cobb Smyrna task force of selling drugs to three undercover officers on two separate occasions. The case proceeded to trial and a jury returned a not guilty verdict within one hour. After the verdict the jurors demanded that the lead case agent be reprimanded and demoted.

Ecstasy Trafficking

Client was investigated by the FBI for conspiring to distribute more than 40,000 pills of ecstacy from Atlanta to New York. After investigating and negotiating with the government, the client was never charged.


Henry County DUI

Client charged with DUI in Henry County. After a motion to suppress was argued, the Court ruled in our favor. Thus, the DUI was dismissed saving the client a conviction.

Towns County DUI

Client charged with DUI in Towns County Superior Court. After our office investigated and discovered that the officer who conducted the field sobriety tests had no training in that area, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the charges.

Forsyth County DUI

DUI jury trial resulted in an acquittal on all counts. Our client avoided loss of driver’s license, jail time, fines, community service.

Cherokee County DUI

Client charged with DUI and failure to maintain lane in Cherokee State Court. After a jury trial, with a 50 minute deliberation, a Not Guilty verdict was returned.

DUI & Child Endangerment

Client was previously convicted of DUI and multiple counts of child endangerment, which caused him to have a significant suspension of his driver’s license. Our firm was retained for the Appeal. Mr. Zimmerman persuaded the Court of Appeals to reverse the conviction, convinced the Court to make a new law regarding certain jury charges. Client subsequently had all of his driving privileges restored.

–Wagner v. State of Georgia

Fulton County DUI

Client charged in Fulton County with a DUI when he was involved in a fiery car accident. He was charged with DUI drugs. We hired a forensic toxicologist to challenge the prosecution’s allegations of intoxication due to drugs. The morning of trial, the prosecutor dismissed the DUI case after we convinced the judge to rule in our favor regarding the legal issues in the case.

Roswell DUI

Client charged with DUI in Roswell. He had a BAC level of .13. After evaluating the legal issues, we convinced the prosecution to reduce the charges to a reckless driving.

DUI with Auto Accident

Client charged with DUI in Cobb County because he was in a car accident on Sandy Plains Road. Our office had the charges reduced to Reckless Driving with the DUI being dismissed.

Underage DUI

Client charged with DUI under 21 in Cobb County. Our office investigated the case and discovered some legal issues. The prosecution agreed to allow client to plead to reckless driving once he turned 21 in order to save any license suspension.

Cobb County DUI

Client charged with DUI refusal in Cobb County after a car accident on I-75. The morning of trial our office came prepared and the prosecution agreed to reduce the charges to reckless driving.

Cobb County DUI (.15 BAC)

Client charged with DUI in Cobb County and his breath test registered a .15 BAC. Our office discovered that the police made some mistakes and had the case reduced to a reckless driving.

DUI Auto Accident

Client charged with DUI in Cobb County after her car went crashing through her home. At the motion to suppress hearing, Mr. Zimmerman dismantled the police officer’s testimony piece by piece leaving the prosecution with no choice but to reduce the charges to a Basic Rules violation.

Doraville Municipal Court DUI

Client was an architect who could not have a DUI conviction. We were successful in discovering that the Implied Consent Notice was never read, resulting in the breath test of .13 being excluded from evidence. Our client pleaded guilty to a charge of Reckless Driving.

Cobb County DUI (.12 BAC)

Client charged with DUI in Cobb County and had a breath test result of .12. Our office filed a motion to suppress and won the hearing. Thus, the breath test was thrown out of court. Our client, who about to begin his first year of law school, pleaded guilty to Improper Lane Change.

Cherokee County DUI

Client charged with DUI in Cherokee County. After a motion to suppress, the Court granted our motion and the DUI was dismissed.

DUI (Influence of Drugs)

Client charged in Cobb County with DUI Drugs Less Safe Driver. Our office was able to successfully negotiate a plea to a reduced charge of reckless driving.

Crimes Against Persons

Not Guilty Based on Self-Defense

State v. MO – Client a doctoral college student charged in Cobb County Superior Court with shooting a friend with a MAC-10 when he came into his apartment without permission. A jury found him not guilty based on self-defense.

Domestic Violence

Client was charged with Domestic Violence in Union County. For some reason, the court issued a no contact order between the parties. After our office intervened, the court no contact order was removed and the case eventually dropped.

False Imprisonment

Client charged with felony False Imprisonment and Battery on his girlfriend in Cherokee County Superior Court. Our office interviewed the alleged victim and other witnesses that corroborated our client’s story. The Cherokee County District Attorney decided to dismiss the felony charges and the client pleaded guilty under the first offender act on one count of Simple Battery.

–State v. J.L.

Domestic Violence

Client was charged with Domestic Violence in Union County. For some reason, the court issued a no contact order between the parties. After our office intervened, the court no contact order was removed and the case eventually dropped.

Gwinnett Co. Armed Robbery

Client charged with armed robbery in Gwinnett County along with two other codefendants. The State wanted 15 years in prison. However, we were able to convince them of our clients valuable assistance to testify at trial. After trial the State asked the court to reduce the sentence to 9 years. We were able to convince the court to reduce the sentence to 6 after a great presentation to the court.

Terroristic Threats Dismissal

Client was charged with Terroristic Threats by the Emory University Police for allegedly threatening another MBA student. We won the case at the preliminary hearing; however, the DA’s office indicted it regardless. After a year of our aggressive fighting, we finally got the case dismissed completely.

Shooting Ruled Self Defense

Client charged with shooting a friend of his in Cobb County with a MAC 10. We tried the case to a jury raising self-defense and the jury acquitted him on all counts.

Simple Battery

Client charged with a Simple Battery on a local radio personality. Due to the contradicting statements and our client’s steadfast denial, the Fulton County prosecutor agreed to drop the charges.

–State v. E.B.

Aggravated Assault

Client charged with Aggravated Assault in Fulton County for allegedly shooting a gun from his vehicle at a bystander. Our office investigated and showed that it was another person in the vehicle that fired the gun without our client’s prior knowledge. Our office negotiated a plea of disorderly conduct without any probation. The felony charges were dismissed.

–State v. Undisclosed


Client was charged in Johns Creek with obstruction of a police officer and disorderly conduct. Our office obtained the 911 phone call and police radio records discovering a fifteen minute gap between phone calls from the police officer. We convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the charges.

–State v. R.M.


Felony False Statement

United States of America v. BB – Represented a Bureau of Prisons guard in an investigation regarding a felony false statements charge relating to a civil rights violation of an inmate. The case was resolved to a plea to a misdemeanor.

Millenium Bombing Plot

United States of America v. Adam Beltran – Court appointed counsel to represent a convicted Al Qaeda terrorist involved in the Millennium Bombing Plot. He was charged in Atlanta with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. We raised novel issues as it related to the speedy trial act as it related to his immigration hold involving national security. He received time served so he could be deported to Morocco.


United States v. CC – Lt. Colonel in the Air Force investigated for fraud by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia based on a conflict of interest. The case was resolved to a misdemeanor after pointing out the flaws in the Government’s theory of prosecution.

Identity Fraud

Client charged in federal court with aggravated identify fraud and manufacturing social security cards. After working hard on the case, the USA dismissed all charges against the client.

Medicare Fraud

Federal Case # 09-13387, our law firm filed an appeal to the 11th Circuit after we were hired post-sentencing. The Court issued an opinion allowing a joint remand in a Medicare Fraud case so that our client could have a new sentencing hearing. We were successful in lessening her sentence by over two years which was more than a third of her sentence.

–U.S. v. C. Beckwith

Federal Weapons Charges

Client was charged with possession of a firearm in federal court in Eugene, Oregon including having a silencer. We went to Oregon and were successful in obtaining home confinement for him.

Drug & Fraud Ring

Client’s employer was a target in a drug and fraud ring including money laundering by using his car dealership as the conduit for illegal activities. Defense counsel successfully represented our client, who was an employee, in front of the federal grand jury and client was never arrested or indicted.

Hobbs Act Violations

Client was charged with several Hobbs Act violations for robbing postal workers in federal court which included drug and firearms offenses. He was a career offender and facing 67 years mandatory time. We were successful in convincing the US Attorney to dismiss many of the charges, and he received 14 years in prison. While this is a long time, the evidence was bad and the client was extremely grateful that we were able to work such a deal.


Client charged under RICO act for murder and robbery. At one point, the Department of Justice sought the Death Penalty. We worked out a deal the day before trial in which client would avoid even a life sentence.


Client a target in a Conspiracy to Distribute MDMA ring. Mr. Zimmerman met with both the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office resulting in an agreement not to arrest or prosecute client.

Honest Services Fraud

Client was a target of an investigation by the federal government for honest services fraud in the Northern District of Georgia. We were able to investigate and interview many witnesses and obtain affidavits rebutting the evidence. We have secured an agreement not to prosecute.

Bank Fraud

Client pleaded guilty to Bank Fraud with probation and the prosecution recommending 36 months in prison. We asked for a reasonable sentence of time served and the judge gave our client one week in jail.

MediCare Fraud

Client charged with defrauding Medicare by not using the proper billing methods for his physical therapy center. Client was acquitted by the judge.

Copyright Infringement

Client charged in a major copyright infringement case after a five year investigation by the FBI. In spite of overwhelming evidence, Mr. Zimmerman was granted a directed verdict on the conspiracy charge by making a novel legal argument. His client was saved a lot of time in federal prison.

Federal Investigation Closed

Our client, a well known rapper, was a target of a federal investigation. After 4 years, the case was finally closed with the US Attorney agreeing not to prosecute.

Medicare Fraud

Federal Case # 09-13387, our law firm filed an appeal to the 11th Circuit after we were hired post-sentencing. The Court issued an opinion allowing a joint remand in a Medicare Fraud case so that our client could have a new sentencing hearing. We were successful in lessening her sentence by over two years which was more than a third of her sentence.


Client charged after illegally informing the target of a mail cover that they were under Federal investigation. Mr. Zimmerman convinced the U.S. Attorney to dismiss the felony charge, and allow client to plea to a misdemeanor and avoid prison. Client also kept his job as a postal carrier.

Murder and Homicide

Murder Charges Reduced

State v. LR – Walton County charged her with murdering her husband’s mistress by hiring two hitmen. She was acquitted on all counts of murder; she was convicted on involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault after raising a novel defense.

Homicide by Vehicle Charges

State v. SY – Gwinnett County Police Officer charged with Felony Homicide by Vehicle when he was traveling 95 miles per hour to a hit and run with injuries. After challenging the State’s indictment regarding reckless driving as the predicate offense, the case was resolved with a misdemeanor. The judge sentenced the client to 180 days in jail.

Death Penalty Avoided

State of Georgia v. Jeffrey Hazelwood – Client charged with double homicide in Roswell of two teenagers. After reaching out to the victim’s families and meeting with District Attorney Paul Howard, the defense was able to achieve a negotiation that removed the death penalty in exchange for life sentences. The Capital Defender finished the case with that result.

Union Co. Murder Charges

Client charged in Union County for murdering his 30 day old child. After investigating and hiring the best forensic experts in the country, we were able to resolve the case to voluntary manslaughter. The client was happy with the result


Client in Upson County charged with murder of an elderly lady. The District Attorney’s Office sought the death penalty. After our office along with co-counsel intensely investigated his background, we were successful in determining that our client was mentally retarded with an IQ of 65. Thus, we negotiated a life sentence with the District Attorney agreeing not to seek the death penalty.

–State v. Undisclosed


Client charged with murder in Fulton County. We were successful in our investigation which resulted in the murder charges being dropped and our client pleading to a lesser offense of Aggravated Assault saving him life in prison.

–State v. Undisclosed


Client charged in Henry County with murder when police officer was killed responding to the scene of the crime. Counsel vigorously defended client at the preliminary hearing and the court dismissed the murder charges.

-State v. Undisclosed


A client, a Renegades Motorcycle Club member, was charged with murder in Clayton County. Our office was able to have all the charges dropped before the case was brought to the grand jury by convincing the District Attorney’s Office that our client was acting in self-defense.

–State v. J.B.

Homicide by Vehicle

Client charged with Homicide by Vehicle in Fulton County State Court. Our client was charged with causing an accident on I-75 North by making an Improper Lane Change. Based on our investigation, we were able to show the Solicitor General’s Office that our client was not the cause of the victim’s death. Thus, the charges were dropped.

–State v. A.W.

Malice Murder

Client’s conviction for Malice Murder reversed by the Supreme Court of Georgia.

–State v. Warren.

Post Conviction

Probation Violation

Client charged with violation of felony probation in Cobb County based on new felony charges of false imprisonment in Athens-Clarke County. Defense counsel immediately became involved by interviewing several witnesses to the crime in Athens. After this investigation, Mr. Zimmerman presented the information to the District Attorney who dismissed the felony charges. The dismissal of these charges resulted in a dismissal of the probation violation in Cobb County. Our client was never arrested.

–State v. Undisclosed

Drug Case

State v. Wiggins – Georgia Court of Appeals, A14A1545 (2015) (Court of Appeals granted our interlocutory appeal reversing the trial court’s denial of a motion to suppress in a large drug case that also involved seizure of money, cars, and a motorcycle).

Stalking Conviction Reversed

State v. Dwayne Autry – Georgia Court of Appeals, A10A0879(2010) (Court reversed stalking conviction finding the evidence insufficient).

Probation Revocation

Client facing a probation revocation in Gwinnett County State Court. Our office was successful in gaining our client’s release.

–State v. T.C.

Forgery and Theft

Client was convicted in Forsyth County of felony Forgery and Theft. He was convicted on all counts and sentenced to ten years as a recidivist without the possibility of parole. Our office intervened and discovered a loophole in the case. We were able to remove the recidivist provision and have the sentence reduced to time served.

–State v. J.W.

Registered Offender

Client was a registered sex offender in Cobb County. Our office was able to successfully remove him from the registry.

–State v. J.W.

Probation Violation

Rapper Gucci Mane, on probation for an assault conviction, was arrested for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of marijuana, and DUI. Mr. Mane, facing a possible 3 1/2 year prison sentence, was given only a year in jail.

–State v. G.M.

Probation Revocation

Client’s probation revoked in Fulton County, and he was sentenced to a seven year sentence in prison. Our office was hired to file a Sentence Modification. At the hearing, we presented valuable testimony from our client’s wife and family. The Court reconsidered the seven year sentence and released our client on time served.

–State v. J.S.

Repeat Offender

Client was convicted and sentenced in Forsyth Superior Court as a repeat offender. Thus, he would not be eligible for parole during his five year sentence. Our office was hired and convinced the District Attorney’s Office and the Court to remove the repeat offender provision of his sentence. Thus, our client is now eligible for early parole.

–State v. J.W.

Reversal of Conviction

Our client, Sidney Dwayne Autry, hired us to appeal his conviction for committing the offense of stalking. The State was unable to prove that their case properly proved the requirements that define stalking, therefore the judge reversed the conviction of Mr. Autry for stalking.

–Autry v. State

Probation Revocation

Client was facing his second revocation in Forsyth County Superior Court for failing a drug test, failing to pay a fine, and failing to report to his probation officer. The prosecution argued for three years in prison, but we convinced the Honorable Court to send our client to drug rehab.

–State v. M.L.

Registered Offender

Client was a registered sex offender in Cobb County. Our office was able to successfully remove him from the registry.

–State v. J.W.

Parole Violation

Client arrested for a third violation of supervised release. At the revocation hearing, the U.S. Attorney was asking for our client to be remanded to prison for two years. However, the District Court Judge agreed with two out of three of our issues as it pertained to the violation. Thus, our client was only sentenced to six more months in custody.

Traffic Violation CDL

Client was convicted in Dekalb Recorders Court of a traffic violation as a commercial driver. Our office filed a Petition for Certiorari in the Superior Court of Dekalb County. The Court reversed the traffic conviction.

–State v. Undisclosed

Solicitation Case Reversed

A client was convicted of soliciting a minor for sex, and he went to prison. The case was reversed on appeal. We resolved his case without any jail time under first offender.

Judge Vacates Driver’s Banishment

Ricardo Riley was stopped for speeding last year in the Walton County town of Loganville, 19 miles from his home. The police laser detected his speed at 40 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone. He argued that he thought the speed limit was 35 when he represented himself at a bench trial in January before Loganville Municipal Court Judge Ira Brownlow Jr.

The court convicted him of speeding and sentenced him to 12 months of probation, a collision avoidance course chosen by the judge and a $1,000 fine, according to court records from both sides. When Riley, a warehouse worker, argued that he could not afford to pay the fine, the judge asked him if he had any need to be in Loganville or Walton County. Riley said no. The judge then added banishment to the sentence.

Lawrence Zimmerman took the case pro bono to challenge the sentence.

–Riley v. City of Loganville, No. 2014CR188-5

Property Crimes

I-85 Fire

State v. Basil Eleby – Client falsely accused in Fulton County of burning down Interstate 85 in Fulton County. Resolved the case to mental health court, and the case was dismissed.


Client charged with Theft by Shoplifting in Cobb County for stealing $2000.00 worth of goods from Macy’s. Our office was able to negotiate a dismissal in exchange for 100 hours of community service.

–State v. B.S.


Warrant issued for client in Cobb County for stealing money from a general contractor. Our office intervened and had the warrant dismissed without the client being arrested.

–State v. A.V.


Client was investigated by Dekalb County Police for embezzling over $20,000. We were hired before any arrest and convinced the police not to prosecute our client. He was never arrested and the investigation ceased.


Client charged in Douglas County with burglary. Our office investigated and built a solid defense. Prior to trial, the District Attorney’s Office agreed to reduce the charges to misdemeanor theft by taking.

–State v. J.T.


Embezzlement criminal investigation where police investigation terminated without charges being brought by District Attorney after intervention by Lawrence Zimmerman. Client was never arrested for any criminal charges.

–State v. V.S.

Dekalb Armed Robbery Case

Client was 16 and charged with a home invasion armed robbery case. He spent 45 days in jail until we were hired and secured him a bond. He was indicted, but through our extensive investigation, we discovered the detective lied about some key information. At a hearing in front of a Dekalb Superior Court Judge, we had the case dismissed. The client had an alibi but the DA’s office still refused to dismiss it.

Credit Card Fraud

Client charged with credit card fraud in Cobb County. Our office investigated and discovered that our client did not commit the crime. The charges were dismissed.

–State v. W.R.

Theft by Taking

Client charged with felony theft by taking in Dekalb County which resulted in a violation of felony probation in Newton County. At the revocation hearing in Newton County, we won the hearing resulting in only a misdemeanor violation of felony probation. We then went to Dekalb County Superior Court and negotiated a dismissal of the felony charges with client pleading to only misdemeanor theft.
–State v. R.H.

Criminal Trespass

Client charged in Cherokee County with Criminal Trespass and Theft. Our office had these criminal charges dismissed.

–State v. L.L.

Theft Charges in Clayton Co.

Client charged with theft in Clayton County. The day before trial the case was dismissed based on our work.

Wire Fraud

Client accused by another of forging a fellow employee’s name on a wire transfer. The alleged victim filed charges and it was set down for a pre-arrest hearing in Fulton County. Our office intervened and negotiated a dismissal prior to the hearing.

–State v. W.R.

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