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Atlanta Bank or Wire Fraud Attorney
Atlanta Federal Bank or Wire Fraud Attorney

Atlanta Federal Bank or Wire Fraud Lawyer

When it comes to technological advances, the world that we live in today is the pinnacle of all of the rapid developments that have come before. In Atlanta, this comes with the possibility for e-commerce and other online transactions and collaborations, which introduces complexity to business and banking.

With the rise in such online processes, it is easy to get wrapped up in accusations of complex online crimes such as wire fraud and money laundering. At The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman, our fraud defense lawyers are experienced in handling complex wire fraud cases, as well as dealing with federal prosecutors. A lawyer from our team can speak to you about the specifics of your case, understand your questions and concerns, and help you create a strong defense.

What Is Wire Fraud?

Wire fraud is a complex and highly-charged crime that is taken very seriously in the city of Atlanta and by federal authorities. It is considered to be a white-collar crime that requires using communications technology, such as the internet, to trick someone into sending valuable assets, such as information or money, to the solicitor.

Usually, wire fraud involves deceit in order to get someone to send something they would otherwise not consent to sending, such as critical personal information, passwords, or financial assets. For example, in order to get someone’s password, an individual might send a fraudulent email that mimics another site, requesting that a user must reset their password and make them enter their old password in order to do so.

Another type of deceit that can be used to prompt individuals to send assets or information includes tricking individuals into thinking that they are carrying out a real financial transaction. If the targeted person gives into the fraudulent scheme, then the perpetrator can get a hold of the victim’s information or money.

Individuals such as the elderly or mentally challenged can be particularly vulnerable to wire fraud crimes. Anyone that does not have a good knowledge of how technology or the internet functions or is naive to believe certain stories can be at risk of falling victim to a wire fraud scheme.

Wire Fraud and The Law

Wire fraud is a federal offense in the United States. 18 U.S.C. § 1343 lays out the penalties associated with committing such a crime through wire, radio, or television. Because this crime can seriously injure victims on both a personal and financial level, the penalties associated with it are high.

If you are convicted of wire fraud under 18 U.S.C. § 1343, you can either face up to 20 years in prison, be obliged to pay large fines, or both. In the case that the wire fraud crime is somehow connected with exploiting a presidentially declared emergency or disaster or if it seriously impacts a financial institution, then the associated penalties are even worse. In this specific case, you can be fined up to one million dollars, face up to 30 years in jail, or have to pay fines and serve prison time.

Atlanta Wire Fraud Charge Defense

In order to be charged with wire fraud, the prosecution will need to show that you defrauded a person or many people into handing over valuable assets or information through means of wire beyond a reasonable double.  While wire fraud is considered to be a white collar crime, it can also be charged along with other crimes that may not be considered white collar, such as drug trafficking.

In such complex cases where there are one or multiple serious charges under different classifications, it’s important to have a strong Atlanta defense lawyer who has experience dealing with similar cases. A defense lawyer may help you defend against your charges by assisting in the following ways:

  • Helping make sense of your charges. An Atlanta wire fraud attorney can assist you in understanding what you have been charged with and what your associated penalties may be. By understanding what charges you are going up against and the consequent evidence against you, you can start to build up a defense with your lawyer.
  • Supporting in getting evidence together. Based on what the federal prosecutors bring up against you, you will need to provide counter evidence which shows that their case is weak. Counter evidence could be emails, text messages, or certain documentation that shows that you were likely not involved in perpetrating the alleged fraudulent scheme or schemes.
  • Assisting in showing that your intent to commit the crime was not present. To convict an individual of wire fraud, it must be shown that they had intent to commit the crime. If you and your lawyer can prove that you didn’t know that you were involved in a scheme that was fraudulent, or if you thought that the transaction was genuinely real, then you can use this to argue that you are innocent of the charges against you.
  • Looking into the wire communications used as evidence by the prosecution. In many cases, the wire communications which are being used as evidence by the prosecution must be thoroughly looked at and analyzed in order to show that there is no strong evidence against you. You might be able to show that the evidence is not consistent or that there is not enough to incriminate you in the case.
  • Determining whether your rights have been infringed upon. Your defense lawyer can look into whether law enforcement violated your rights during an arrest or if they collected evidence illegally. In such a case, you may be able to get the evidence being used against you voided.
  • Working directly with the prosecution on negotiations. An experienced wire fraud defense lawyer should have experience negotiating with the prosecution on similar cases. Your attorney can work with the prosecution to make a plea agreement or to get your charges minimized. In some cases, negotiations may be preferable to going to court.
  • Getting everything ready for court. In the case that you and your attorney have determined that you can get more likely optimal outcomes by going to trial, then you will need to prepare adequately by building a strong defense. Such preparations may include doing research to show weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you and recruiting witnesses who can support your defense.
  • Representing you in court. A savvy defense lawyer can use their knowledge of wire fraud law and persuasion skills, as well as experience in the criminal court system, to represent you and your case in court. They can show counter-evidence to the charges against you, expose weaknesses in the prosecution and cross-examine witnesses.

When it comes to defending against wire fraud, it is critical to work with a wire fraud attorney who understands how such crimes are prosecuted under the law, as well as the associated procedures for defending against such serious crimes.

Even if you have been convicted of such a crime, an experienced wire fraud lawyer can help you appeal your case based on whether there have been certain errors made during the process of your conviction or if other issues may have come up that had an influence on your case decision.

FAQs About Atlanta Bank or Wire Fraud Law

What Are the Georgia Money Laundering Penalties?

Money laundering is considered to be a very serious crime in Georgia and is, therefore, subject to serious penalties. If convicted of money laundering in Georgia, an individual may have to pay large fines and spend up to 20 years in prison. While money laundering can be charged under Georgia state law in some cases, it is usually charged under federal law.

What Is Money Laundering Proof?

In proving that an individual is guilty in a money laundering case, it is not necessary that they carry out the actual act of money laundering. In the instance that one or more individuals are found to be linked beyond a reasonable doubt to a money laundering case and that they knew that the money they received had been obtained through fraudulent means, then they can be implicated in the charges.

Is There a Difference Between Wire Fraud And Bank Fraud?

Yes, there is a difference between bank and wire fraud; however, it is possible to have a fraud case that can be classified as both wire fraud and bank fraud. Wire fraud refers to the method through which the fraud is committed, which in this case is through means of wire, such as the internet or phone lines. Bank fraud means that the target of the fraud is a banking institution.

Is Bank Fraud Considered a Felony In Georgia?

If money fraudulently solicited is worth less than $1,500, the bank fraud case in Georgia can be charged as a misdemeanor. However, if the money obtained fraudulently is worth more than the aforementioned amount, this is considered to be a felony in Georgia.

Bank & Wire Fraud Defense in Atlanta, GA You Can Count On

Facing bank or wire fraud charges in Atlanta can be extremely stressful, as associated penalties are typically high, and the implications of the charges on your reputation and future can seem bleak. At The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman, our lawyers have years of experience dealing with fraud defense cases and have what it takes to defend you both in and out of court. Talk with one of our legal team members today to get started with building your defense.

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