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Felony Drug Case

LZ did an amazing job with a difficult case. I was facing several drug related charges and previously convicted on separate federal cocaine trafficking charge sone 6 years prior.

It took about a year to work out a plea deal which did not include any jail time but rather a very reasonable amount of probation. He kept me abreast of all happenings while cleverly negotiating a very successful outcome.

Great attorney, super nice guy!!! If you find yourself in trouble I highly recommend you give LZ a call!!! If you want to actually speak with a client he can get us in touch. I have nothing but glowing accolades and I am happy to share my experience!!!


Thank you Lawrence Zimmerman

I hired Mr. Zimmerman for the sole purpose of discontinuing Sex Offender registration. After about two weeks of research, I concluded that Lawrence was the best qualified attorney to handle my petition.

Lawrence was very diligent in filing all necessary paper-work and keeping all parties informed of any updates.

On the day of my hearing, Lawrence was able to convince the Judge and the District Attorney that based upon my clean record since my conviction, a long, drawn-out hearing was not necessary. Thankfully, they agreed and I was pardoned from any further registration.

I am very grateful for his help and would recommend him to others.


Thank you Lawrence Zimmerman

I was origionally charged with 2 seperate counts after confessing to investigators and writing a written confession. I then retained Mr. Zimmerman and advised him on the details of my case. The state charged me initially with Burglary and Arson. Mr. Zimmerman went to work on my case immediately and after discussing my case with the investigator he worked hard to get the discovery from the ADA on my case and set to working on finding a way to get my charges lowered. He was able to convince a second ADA on my case that my Arson charge should be dropped to Damage to personal property in the second Degree and the Burglary charge dropped to to criminal trespassing. I was facing years in jail and he negotiated a deal with the state that allowed me to do 43 days on work release and 4 years probation under the first offenders act.My judge even commended him on the amazing job that he had done on this case.


Amazing lawyer, gave me my life back...

I hired Mr. Zimmerman after reading about his qualifications and his experience. I was charged with theft by deception and was given 30 years of probation. Mr. Zimmerman was able to reassure me that being patient would pay off and it did. After researching my case and meeting with the ADA he was able to get my probation terminated after 8 yrs. He always answered my calls and returned my emails. If you are looking for someone who is a professional and who cares Mr. Zimmerman is your guy.

It’s only been a week but because of Mr. Zimmerman I now have my life back. Words could never express my gratitude for your help. THANK YOU!!


This man saved my life

Lawrence pull a magic trick in the court room, but scared me when I was in custody. When I was in custody, I didn’t like the way he was talking but he got me off a state and federal case. You might he’s expensive but it’s worth every penny. THANKS LAWRENCE..


You cannot find a more competent, experienced and caring Attorney

I have a well connected network within the judicial system including Judges, Attorneys and Congressmen and when my son was arrested for possession, I did not even hesitate to hire Lawrence to represent him out of all of the available attorneys that I know personally or through the community. I based that decision on his solid reputation and highly recommended referrals from the community.

Once that case was completed my 2nd son made an even bigger mistake for possession and once again my decision was firm to hire Lawrence to represent him. Matter of fact, it was a different county and over a holiday. I sent him a text through the night and when we showed up for court at 0900 the next morning for a bail hearing, Lawrence was present in court, had my son’s bail handled and everything was already taken care of before we even got there.

Children don’t always make wise decisions especially while in college but the last thing we wanted was those mistakes to become a life long hardship on their future. Lawrence handled their cases with the utmost of care and his expertise allowed my son’s to enter straight into diversion. Their record is clean of any charges and their futures stand strong provided they uphold their end of the deal and make better decisions. We would have been lost without Lawrence to handle this for our family. He kept us informed of everything that was happening. He returned calls and/or text promptly. He made sure we were aware of all the hearings (yes, there were a lot). He worked with my son’s school schedule to the best of his ability. You could not ask for a more caring attorney to handle something so sensitive for your family.

His expertise speaks for itself as he is an excellent well respected attorney not only in the local community but in all of the surrounding areas too. His genuinely caring soul for his clients is above and beyond most attorneys that treat your loved one like a number in a file. You would be a fool not to hire him to represent you in any criminal matter! He is just simply the best criminal law attorney in the business and he will not only meet but exceed your expectations!


Best Lawyer. Super Pro Active

Lawrence Zimmerman is the best attorney out there in Atlanta. I was being investigated for rape. This was definitely the worst period I’ve been through so far in my life. My entire future was in jeopardy. The police gave me a call and they wanted to talk to me regarding a false rape accusation. After personally meeting with some of the top lawyers in the area and doing good amount of research I decided to go with Lawrence and investigator JT Summers of spearhead investigations. Lawrence is proactive not reactive. He started on the case the day I met him because time was of the essence. They gathered every piece of evidence that was out there as soon as possible and used it perfectly. Rape accusations are hard to get out of but Lawrence was able to saved me and my future. He is not only a technically smart great lawyer but has the foresight for all the things that could go wrong. I am grateful for all he and investigator summers did and for handling my case absolutely perfectly. I very highly recommend him.


Helped get my life back while against difficult odds

When the unfounded charges of child molestation and sexual battery were setting me up for doomed trial, and possible years in prison, I felt like my public and professional life was over.

The effect of the charges’ public nature were like a red letter brazened on my back, visible on the internet and known to anyone in my social circles who might have heard of my situation. Wherever I went, whether it was job-hunting, church, or even social gatherings among peers, I wondered if those around me had seen the red letter (my charges), and if I had to explain my situation to every one of them. It was exhausting, and I was losing friendships while waiting for my nightmarish future to pan out.

Lawrence took my case and worked tirelessly in the background, and in the end, helped to do the seemingly impossible: not only protect me from unfair sentencing and imprisonment, but help me keep my life as well. Together with his investigator JT Summers, and the rest of his great team, Lawrence helped me plea to a misdemeanor and I was dismissed on misdemeanor probation (rather than felony probation), with full expunging after the probation period ended.

Because of his (and his team’s) diligence and success, he gets top marks from me.

Highly recommended.


The man, The myth, The legend!

I hired Mr.Zimmerman after reading about his qualifications and his experience in federal court. I was charged with possession of a fully automatic machine gun and a short barreled rifle and was looking at some serious time. Mr.Zimmerman was able to get me with just 13 months minimum security camp and three years probation. The prosecutor wanted to give me 36 months! Not only is he an awesome lawyer but also a good friend. He generally cares about his clients and was there to talk with me with whatever issue I had, not just legal. If you want a lawyer who’s one on one with you, return your phone calls, keep you updated on a daily basis this is the guy. Not only is Mr.Zimmerman an awesome person, his staff is also very professional and respectable. If i ever needed legal help again, I would choose Mr.Zimmerman without giving it a seconds thought


Thank You Mr. Zimmerman

I first hired Lawrence Zimmerman when I was referred to him by another lawyer who was busy in a trial. Boy, am I glad I got him. First of all, I was on probation for something I did ten years ago when I was a much different person. I made some bad decisions in life, but over the past 7 years, I was able to start working, stay sober and focus on positive things. Unfortunately, I failed to show up for felony probation in Cobb County. So, for many years, I have been hiding, worrying, not driving because I knew I would be arrested and thrown in jail.

Before Mr. Zimmerman, I had another lawyer who promised me the moon, and he supposedly was a good lawyer. Let me tell you, he was not a good lawyer; Mr. Zimmerman is a great lawyer. He didn’t promise me anything but hard work I met with him after firing my other lawyer, and he came up with a strong game plan. It took several months until we were able to be successful, but he met with the DA and was able to get them to agree to allow me to walk into the courtroom, not be arrested for being a fugitive and close my case. No more probation! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to him. I have my life back! I can move forward. He and his staff are awesome. He is a top notch lawyer in Georgia.


Can't put into words how thankful I am

I would like to start by saying that when nobody else wanted to help me, or only wanted to speak with me to obtain their consultation fee and show me the door, Lawrence was there to listen to my story and my troubles. He truly cared about me and my situation and was very understanding and informative. I told my story and he was the only one to believe me. I was charged with 2 felony charges. Felony child molestation and felony aggravated child molestation. I was facing 25+ years in prison.

Lawrence, through all his hard work, helped me bring the charges down to misdemeanors and am now only facing a couple years probation, compared to 25+ years of imprisonment. Even at the beginning, when I learned that I was issued a warrant, I was not suppose to be able to post bail. He fought for me and allowed me to be able to leave, not in a day, but within HOURS of walking in and turning myself in. If I had not had Lawrence to help me with my bail, I would have lost 8+ months of income and would have lost my job. I would have just been sitting in a jail cell waiting for my trial, and if that had happened, I would have not even been able to pay for ANY attorney.

The case dragged on for 8 months, and during that time, I never once felt that he had forgotten about me. I would call him, and he would instantly know what I was talking about and never got my case confused with another he was working on. That is how dedicated he was to helping me. I would always be able to reach him and his correspondence to emails or texts were done that day, if not instantly.

Whenever I asked Lawrence about my case, he never gave me false hope or said “I think I can do that” just to make me feel better. He gave me everything I needed to make an informed decision. In that way, I knew what was coming and never felt blind-sided by anything. I cannot express how thankful I am to him and would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or family if they were to ever come across legal problems. I implore anyone that reads this review, If you are looking for an attorney, look no further. He is the one that can help you, like he has helped me.


Has the government just decided to ruin your life ?

Lawrence cared enough about me to make sure mine wasn’t ruined. Lawrence agreed to a retainer and took it, and as the prosecution acted like monkeys trying to screw a football adding and subtracting charges and making threats and promises, Lawrence held his cards close to his chest, and he had me wait them out with them. In the end, was it the just or right outcome ? I don’t feel it was, but you know who determined that outcome: the government and myself. Lawrence will go all the way for you, other attorneys want play graba$$ with each other. Lawrence maintains professional relationships, is well connected but he keeps one thing #1- the client, the client, the client. A valuable piece of property was kept as evidence, my dad rode my behind in order to get it, and wanted me to go after it like a bulldog after a bone. Several years after all was said and done, Lawrence did the leg work and he got that piece of property for me. In the entire time I had any interaction with the government(LE, perse… excuse me: prosecution, investigators) I had one pleasant interaction: When they breathed a sigh of relief Lawrence wasn’t going to bring down a roof over their head because they hadn’t followed their own procedure and destroyed that piece of property. I got it back. It was something my dad gave me, it is now worth 2x to 3x what it first cost, and is worth more as that was back when my dad could still had respect for me as a human being. All through everything Lawrence would shake his head and ask me how I got into the mess, but he wasn’t doing it judgmentally, he just hated how the government was treating me and thinking of a strategy to best defend me. LJZ was there for me.

I am a terrible person to get along with but LZ put up with me, saw me as a human being and not a thug, and tried to do his best to check for my wellbeing and my future.

That is what attorneys used to do. A lawyer files briefs and argues. An attorney is your trainer, cut-man, and advisor in a brutal fight, he cares about the win but also the fighter.

Make no mistake, LZ can take apart a prosecutor in the courtroom, but figuratively speaking he isn’t afraid to get down in the parking lot if it comes to it. That includes anyone on opposing counsel.

Thanks for what you did for me LZ.


I'll never look for another criminal defense lawyer

Lawrence came highly recommended and now I see why. He is clearly an accomplished and talented veteran in his field and genuinely personable as well. He put us at ease immediately, quickly understood the situation, and took immediate action.

He helped our family through a precarious situation when a serious sexual accusation was made against our teenage child.

We highly recommend him.


Lawrence Zimmerman is a great Attorney

Lawrence is very level headed and strictly business and priority driven being to get his clients the best results. I was charged with 4 felonies and 3 misdemeanors. This was my first time being in any serious legal trouble. I was emotional and if you are in a legal situation that is expected. Lawrence is very level headed. He works non stop and to ensure he is most knowledgeable about your situation. You can be honest and candid with him because he truly have your best interest in mind. After hiring Lawrence he was able to get some of the charges drop and the others reduced. The end result is that I was charged with 3 misdemeanors and during the court preceding Lawrence was more knowledgeable than the judge about certain laws. At the time of my plea during court Lawrence reminded the judge of the law that would allow my record to be seal immediately on the same day as my court hearing. The end result I was sentenced to misdemeanor probation with my record sealed. I am able to resume my life and keep my job. My original charges where Aggravated assault, false imprisonment, theft by taking, kidnapping, cruelty to children, interfering with a 911 call . I went to court on the first of the month and going on out of the country 2 weeks later a free man. For all that is reading this post and need an attorney this is a big decision make a good choice. Good luck with all your legal troubles!


BEST Criminal Advocate in GA !

I have to say, there’s not words enough to share with you the Professionalism, Patience, Utmost Knowledge …in Criminal Law and Representation someone can have in Lawrence Zimmerman!

Lawrence stepped in and helped me in the most difficult and trying time in my life. His reassurance and positive mindset along with his knowledge of knowing how to approach the legal needs I had was tremendously more than I could have asked for or truly ever expected!…..( I say ” I HAD” because Lawrence, over time and with diligence and knowledge of the law and the procedures needed to be followed handled EVERYTHING for me. ) An outstanding attorney, Law Firm and staff he has on hand surely puts Lawrence, “in my book” as the #1 Defense Attorney in Georgia ! You’ll NOT go wrong in seeking Lawrence’s assistance, leadership, professionalism and care for ANY legal representation you may need.

(I was in prison and he came and visited me) … I got out and Lawrence stayed with me until he assured what had came about in my life had been fully resolved and the things I had taken from me have fully been given back to me and may I say MORE THAN I had before and surely more than I deserve today. #VERYTHANKFUL FOR LAWRENCE ZIMMMERMAN


Extremely Pleased

I was in the very unfamiliar and terrifying spot of being accused of a sex crime. I reached out to Lawrence after seeing all the other positive reviews (plus I saw he had worked on high profile cases so I figured he must be solid under pressure which he is) and to say it was a great decision would be an understatement.

Lawrence is an extremely hard worker (his phone never shuts off) who makes the client feel like the center of his world when they’re dealing with a major personal crisis.

Working on your case, he’s very proactive and goes on the offense to get things resolved for his clients. And again, available anytime and keeps you informed every step of the way.

Lastly, he’s supportive and positive but levels with his clients so they know where they stand.

He would earn a sixth star here if that was an option


Lawrence Zimmerman- Exceptional Lawyer who saved my family

When you have never had a run in with the law your world turns upside down in an instant when you are falsely accused of serious, potentially life changing charges. Lawrence was there for me and brought calm to the situation from my first call, even after normal office hours. He really went above and beyond for me with every question and concern. Lawrence put forward the right information for the detective and DA to make it so charges were not even put forward. My advice, hire him and have him in your corner from the beginning, he is a true professional and knows what to do to fight for you.


There's no one better!

I should be sitting in prison but Im not because of this man. I was forced to get out of my vehicle at gunpoint by Marietta PD for accused seatbelt violation. I was also illegally searched during a pat down. 100 percent guilty of possesing what I was jailed for, but I knew it was not legal how I was arrested. He was nearly positive and showed incredible confidence in winning the case whereas other lawyers were quick to assume pleas. He was personable and kept me up to date on the case during the process. Then personally called me when he had gotten my case dismissed. By far the best lawyer I couldve had. He gave me a second chance at life when the system was ready to bury me.


Federal correctional officers

Mr. Zimmerman got me through the most stressful time in me and my family life. I was facing jail time for falsifying government documents and was about to loose a 19 year career and his hard work and attention to detail saved me. He was very professional and kept me abreast of every detail no matter how small. The respect he recieved from every one in the courtroom told me that I made a good decision and every dollar I gave him was worth it. Forever thankful.


I was falsely accused of a sex crime and my life fell apart immediately. Every lawyer I spoke with prior to hiring Lawrence ONLY cared about the money. Most of them weren’t even going to do anything until I got arrested. Thankfully, I hired the best Lawyer in the state of Georgia. Lawrence jumped in front of situation and thankfully got the case dismissed before any arrest were made. Lawrence did not promise me anything, but assured me he would try his best. That he did, and today I am a free man because of it. Lawrence Zimmerman saved my life and I can’t thank him enough.


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