06 Jun, 2018

  In a stunning 8-1 ruling last week, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a warrantless search in the case of Collins v. Virginia involving a police officer who entered a defendant’s property to examine a motorcycle concealed under a tarp near the home. This ruling illustrates a collision of two different principles: the Fourth […]

A Fourth Amendment Victory For All – Byrd v. United States

27 May, 2018

Last week, the United States Supreme Court came down with a fantastic case, Byrd v. United States, 584 U.S. __ (2018)(that is a legal citation by the way). I know you are asking, “What does this mean for me the average person? Well, this means that the Fourth Amendment is still alive. We hear so […]

Fighting False Accusations of Sexual Misconduct

17 Nov, 2017

In today’s online dating world, protecting yourself from false accusations of sexual misconduct is an absolute necessity. Over the past two years, our firm has represented a dozen people who have been falsely accused of forcing someone to participate in a sexual act. From college kids to CEO’s of companies the false allegations run the […]

Georgia Supreme Court’s New Opinion Changes DUI Laws

18 Oct, 2017

Yesterday, in a long awaited opinion, Olevik v. The State, the Georgia Supreme Court’s new opinion changes DUI laws. In an opinion authored by the very conservative and very new Justice, Nels Peterson, the Court went through painstaking detail discussing framers’ intent when drafting the Georgia Constitution. While our firm is not a DUI law firm, […]

Hiding Evidence

02 Aug, 2017

Hiding Evidence in a Criminal Trial I was reading the New York Times on Sunday when I came across this article about a woman wrongly convicted of killing her mother in Memphis, Tennesse. When I read that a prosecutor, such as the one in this case, historically has withheld evidence and played games with peoples lives, […]

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