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Drug crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

Drug Crimes

Atlanta Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Drug crimes cases, whether State or Federal criminal charges, are almost always prosecuted in an aggressive manner with prosecutors demanding jail or prison time. While misdemeanor possession charges may be resolved with fines and probation there remains a risk of serious incarceration. For felony drug possession, drug distribution or drug […]

Internet cyber crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

Internet Crimes

Atlanta Internet Crimes Attorney Internet crimes have been identified as one of the top legal issues of our time. From online sexual predators and child pornography to internet theft and credit card fraud, prosecutors and investigators are aggressively prosecuting all computer and web based crimes. Some law enforcement agencies employ special cyber crime units to […]

Property crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

Property Crimes

Atlanta Property Crimes Attorney Property crimes may be misdemeanor or felony charges depending upon many circumstances. Persons facing property crime charges do have a risk of incarceration. Certainly those faced with serious charges such as arson have a certainty of prison time. The probability of conviction and severity of any sentencing can be mitigated with […]

Sex crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

Sex Crimes

Atlanta Sex Crimes Defense Attorney There are a variety of Sex Crimes in the State of Georgia which require those convicted of these crimes to register as a sex offender. In addition to incarceration, persons identified as a registered sex offender face massive personal obstacles in trying to live in society. Sex crime charges are […]

Violent crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

Violent Crimes

Atlanta Violent Crimes Defense Attorney Violent crimes, whether State or Federal criminal charges, are almost always prosecuted in an aggressive manner. This is especially true for Georgia‚Äôs "Seven Deadly Sins" which are Murder, Rape, Aggravated Sodomy, Aggravated Child Molestation, Aggravated Sexual Battery, Armed Robbery, and Kidnapping. For these felonies there is a minimum 10 year […]

White collar crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta

White Collar Crimes

Atlanta White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney White collar crime is generally confined to extremely unethical, illegal behaviors such as bribery or extortion, or acts through which a person attempts illegal monetary gains through acts such as embezzlement, fraud, or theft. Conviction of a white collar crime will almost certainly be a death blow to any […]

Firearms crimes defense lawyer in Atlanta GA

Firearms Crimes

Atlanta Firearms Crimes Attorney Firearms and weapons cases are serious business that are prosecuted in both State and Federal courts. Often, these cases are prosecuted in an aggressive manner with prosecutors demanding lengthy prison sentences. Even persons facing a first time weapons charge have a high risk of incarceration. Anyone charged with a firearms crime […]

Federal crimes criminal defense lawyer in Atlanta GA

Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes Lawyer Legal representation for persons facing federal criminal charges Federal criminal charges are extremely serious and will be prosecuted by a government with unlimited resources. A conviction for a federal crime usually means a harsh sentence in an extremely violent and dangerous federal prison. You should be very concerned if you have been […]

Mr. Zimmerman practices criminal defense in Local, State and Federal
Courts across the State of Georgia. Mr. Zimmerman handles cases in trial courts as well as appeals.

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