Atlanta Tax Evasion Attorney

Atlanta Tax Evasion Attorney
Atlanta Tax Evasion Attorney

Atlanta Federal Tax Evasion Defense Attorney

Tax-related criminal offenses can lead to prosecution at the state and/or federal level. If you are charged with defrauding the state Department of Revenue, you may face tax evasion charges at the state level, but if you are charged by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for violation of the Federal Tax Code, you face criminal charges in federal court. You need an Atlanta federal tax evasion attorney to defend you in this situation.

Defense Counsel for Federal Tax Evasion Charges in Atlanta, GA

The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman can provide the federal criminal defense representation you need if you have been charged by any federal agency. Our firm has years of experience in criminal defense, and we have successfully represented many past clients in federal court. If you need an Atlanta federal tax evasion defense attorney, our firm can provide the comprehensive defense counsel you need in this situation.

Understanding Tax Evasion Charges

It is vital to understand the definition of tax evasion if you are accused of any such offenses in federal court. Broadly, tax evasion can apply to any illegal means used to avoid reporting income. Some people may use secret offshore bank accounts, neglect to report specific types of earnings, or even willfully submit fraudulent documentation to tax-collecting agencies to avoid paying taxes.

Most individuals charged with federal tax evasion will have multiple offenses listed against them. A few examples of offenses commonly cited in tax evasion cases include:

  • Intentionally filing a false tax return or failure to file a tax return.
  • Failure to collect employment taxes.
  • Refusal to pay over-collected taxes to the IRS or state Department of Revenue.
  • Intentionally submitting falsified documents.
  • Lying under oath or supplying false statements to federal law enforcement.
  • Conspiracy or any aiding and abetting of tax violations.
  • Tax money laundering.
  • Obstruction of justice.
  • Removal or concealment of documentation or evidence with intent to defraud.
  • Fraudulent returns, statements, or other documents.

Many federal tax evasion cases are multifaceted, and it is possible for a defendant to face multiple charges in the same case. If you are charged with any such case at the federal level, it is imperative to find an experienced Atlanta federal tax evasion defense attorney as soon as possible who can represent you in these difficult proceedings.

How Your Attorney Can Help

It is important to understand that the IRS, in most cases, would prefer that a defendant pay their owed taxes rather than face a lengthy criminal court case, and there is a distinct difference between honest mistakes made in good faith and willful tax evasion. It is possible for a defendant accused of tax evasion to prove they simply made mistakes with their tax filings or encountered other issues, and other resolution methods may be available to them.

Your Atlanta federal tax evasion defense attorney can help gather evidence to prove the truth of your side of the case. They may be able to gather evidence to show that you made a good-faith effort to pay your owed taxes or that circumstances beyond your control led to errors that the IRS misinterpreted as tax evasion.

The team at The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman provides client-focused defense counsel, meaning we will take time to learn as much as possible about your situation and help determine the most effective defenses available to you. Our firm has years of experience representing clients in Atlanta facing all types of federal crimes, including tax-related offenses. We will put this experience to work in your case and help develop an effective defense.

FAQs About Atlanta, CA Tax Evasion Laws

What Federal Agency Prosecutes Tax Evasion?

If you are arrested and charged for tax evasion, the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division will likely be managing your case. This division of the IRS is responsible for all criminal investigations related to tax evasion, money laundering, and violations of the Internal Revenue Code and Bank Secrecy Act.

Is Tax Evasion a Felony?

Georgia law typically considers tax evasion a misdemeanor offense. However, if the defendant has also engaged in money laundering, embezzlement, or other related offenses, they may be upgraded to felony status and face harsher penalties. It is possible for an individual to be charged with tax evasion at the state or federal level, depending on the type of taxes they attempted to avoid paying.

What Is the Penalty for Tax Evasion?

When an individual is convicted of tax evasion, they may face up to a year in county jail, fines, and be ordered to pay restitution for the taxes they did not pay. At the federal level, these penalties can increase significantly. Fines for federal tax-related criminal offenses can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, and a defendant could face incarceration in federal prison.

Do I Need to Hire a Defense Attorney for a Criminal Tax Evasion Case?

Whenever any American is charged with a crime, they have the right to legal representation in their criminal trial. While it is technically possible for a defendant to represent themselves, hiring an experienced Atlanta federal tax evasion attorney can significantly improve your chances of avoiding conviction or at least mitigating your penalties if you are convicted.

What Does It Cost to Hire an Atlanta Federal Tax Evasion Attorney?

The majority of private criminal defense attorneys throughout the United States bill their clients hourly. An attorney will set an hourly rate and then track the time they spend working on a case in 10- or 15-minute increments. The hourly rate usually depends on the attorney’s overall experience level and the complexity of the case, and the more time they must spend on a case, the more it will cost the client.

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The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman can provide responsive, meticulous, and compassionate defense counsel when you are facing tax evasion charges in federal court. Our firm takes time to develop individualized defense strategies for each client we represent and will do everything we can to help you avoid the worst penalties you face. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with an Atlanta federal tax evasion defense attorney.

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