Atlanta Federal Government Fraud Defense Attorney

Atlanta Federal Government Fraud Defense Attorney

Atlanta Federal Government Fraud Defense Lawyer

Fraud is a serious offense, no matter the circumstances.When it is perpetuated against the federal government, the fallout can be severe. Those who are convicted of federal or state government fraud often face high fines, long incarceration sentences, and a myriad of other strict consequences.

If you are facing fraud charges based on activity against the state or federal government, it is important for you to take action as soon as possible. The government acts swiftly after discovering fraud against itself.Prosecutors are highly trained in building cases against their defendants. You have a small window of time to begin building your case.

Our law firm has the training and resources to help.

The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman: Your Government Fraud Criminal Defense Lawyer

Fighting against the accusation of federal or state fraud is arduous. The government has vast resources and knowledge that most people do not have. This is why our team at The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman fights diligently for our clients. We strongly believe that everyone deserves a chance to explain their perspective and clear their name. As a result, we do everything in our power to build the strongest possible case for our clients.

We are ruthless in our pursuit of justice. Although your government fraud case may be complicated, we do not rest until we have done everythingwe can for you. We work hard to protect our clients’ futures and families. With so much on the line, you can trust us to protect what is important.

When you are looking for an attorney for your government fraud claims case in Atlanta, our team at The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman should be your first call.

What Is a Government Fraud Case?

Government fraud claims occur when an individual or company perpetuates fraud against the state or federal government. As the government has the final say in punishment, laws, and sentencing, fraud against the institution is considered to be extremely serious.

Some common examples of fraud against the government include:

This is not an exhaustive list, and it is possible to have an offense that is not named here. If you are being charged with or accused of government fraud, you need to hire an attorney right away.

Whistleblower and Qui Tam

In some cases, the government itself does not discover that fraud has occurred without help. Whistleblower laws allow private citizens to report fraudulent activity against the government without repercussions. As long as the claim was made with genuine concern, and not fabricated out of illwill or revenge, whistleblowing is encouraged. This is how many cases of fraud are identified.

Qui Tam is similarbut distinct. The term “Qui Tam” means “in the name of the king.” This allows an individual or company to take legal action against an individual if they have evidence that the individual has committed fraud against the federal government. The person engaging in Qui Tam is suing the defendant on behalf of the government. This law allows citizens to take action if they believe that their government is in danger.

As the defendant in a government fraud claim, you cannot take retaliatory legal action against a whistleblower or person filing a Qui Tam case against you. However, it is essential that you fight back with a qualified attorney. Just because a case is brought against you doesnot mean that it will effectively stand up in court. If you fight for your perspective, you may be able to avoid punishment or conviction.

Why Do I Need a Government Fraud Defense Attorney?

If you are being accused of committing fraud against the government, it is essential that you find a defense attorney right away. These cases are serious, even if you are facing a citizen or whistleblower rather than a state prosecutor. If the prosecuting party has enough evidence against you, you can face many years in prison as well as steep fines and penalties. You will likely face difficulty finding employment after a conviction. You may even struggle to provide appropriate housing for your family.

Your most effective method of avoiding serious consequences is to hire an attorney to represent you. Some small civil cases may be appropriate to fight on your own. However, fraud is a significant criminal case requiring an experienced hand. This means that you need to hire a government fraud defense attorney if you wish to avoid conviction.

Contact The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman

Our team has many years of experience in government fraud defense strategies. We are confident that we have the knowledge and resources to represent you and your family during this difficult legal battle. Regardless of the details of the charges or accusations, we can help you clear your name.

For more information, or to schedule an initial consultation, please contact The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman today.

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