Atlanta Drug Crime Lawyer

Atlanta Drug Crime Lawyer
Atlanta Drug Crime Lawyer

Drug Crimes

Atlanta Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of or charged with any drug-related crimes, hire an Atlanta drug crime lawyer that specializes in various types of drug cases and offenses. At The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman, our qualified legal team is highly experienced in crafting strong criminal defense strategies for clients fighting narcotics cases involving diverted pharmaceutical drugs, marijuana, and other illegal or controlled substances.

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for instances of drug trafficking or distribution, substance possession, or the manufacturing and/or cultivation of such drugs, contact a defense attorney who can defend your case with an approach as aggressive as the prosecution’s.

Drug Laws and Regulatory Classifications in Georgia

In Georgia, illicit substances (including any of their derivatives or related ingredients, seeds, and plant matter) are classified by their likelihood of potential abuse, risk for addiction, and medicinal value into the following schedules:

  • Schedule I drugs are considered to have the highest potential for abuse, with no medically recognized benefits or usage within the US and an absence of accepted safety for use even under medical supervision.
  • Schedule II substances are dangerous and still at high risk for abuse but have some currently accepted medical use in the country, or they are under strict restrictions and have the potential for severe psychological or physical dependence.
  • Schedule III includes drugs or other substances that have a potential for abuse but to a lesser extent than the previous classifications.
  • Schedule IV drugs have a comparatively lower potential for abuse than those within Schedule III, are currently accepted for use within US medical treatment, and may result in limited physical or psychological dependence.
  • Schedule V substances are deemed to be less at risk for abuse than those mentioned in prior schedules, are medically accepted for treatment use, and may lead to limited physical or psychological dependence compared to Schedule IV drugs.

Different Types of Drug Offenses in GA

There are many different types of drug offenses in Atlanta, GA, which result in vastly different penalties. Drug crimes include the following:

  • Manufacture or cultivation
  • Possession
  • Distribution and dispensing
  • Trafficking: Drug trafficking is often elevated to a federal crime, which can be handled by only a licensed federal drug trafficking defense attorney.

Potential Influencing Factors in Drug Violation Cases

Drug crimes, state or federal, are usually prosecuted aggressively, and prosecutors are expected to push for incarceration. Felony charges (possession, distribution, manufacturing) have a high risk of a jail/prison sentence, while misdemeanor charges, such as marijuana possession, are at risk of incarceration but may be resolved with fines and probation.

There are numerous factors for criminal drug charges that the court will consider when determining the severity of the crime; these include the type and amount of the drug or controlled substance(s), and the offender’s perceived intent (personal use, selling, or distribution).

An example of how appearances can affect your case is: A single bag with 1 ounce of marijuana could be considered to be for personal use. That same ounce, divided into four 1/4 ounce bags gives the appearance to the ounce being packaged for distribution.

Additionally, the manner in which the drugs or substance are found may be cause to dismiss all charges. For example, if the drugs or related equipment were discovered unlawfully, all evidence obtained during the unlawful investigation is rendered inadmissible in court.


Q: How Much Does a Drug Crimes Lawyer Cost in GA?

A: A drug crimes lawyer will charge differently across Georgia based on their location, experience, the required costs to run their law firm, and the payment methods they offer. Furthermore, how complex a client’s case is and their financial situation can also influence the overall total of attorney’s fees. Most criminal defense lawyers will charge an hourly rate, which can differ significantly.

Q: Can You Get Probation for a Felony Drug Charge in GA?

A: Yes, it is possible to get probation for a felony drug charge instead of prison in Georgia. However, the offender must follow all conditions of their probation; violating any condition can result in partial or total probation revocation.

They must comply with the General Conditions in addition to the Special Conditions of Probation for drug-related crimes, which may include community service, substance abuse evaluation and treatment, random drug tests, avoiding certain people or places, and no consumption of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.

Q: How Much Time Do You Get for Trafficking Drugs in Georgia?

A: The amount of time you may be sentenced for a drug trafficking conviction in GA will depend on any prior offenses, the specific substance, and, most importantly, how much of it was relevant to the crime.

Convictions for the unlawful sale or distribution of Schedule I and II substances can entail a lengthy period of incarceration. If you’re convicted of a drug crime involving Schedules III-V, you may face a shorter period of time in prison. The length of time is determined by the specific quantity of drugs.

Q: Can You Get a Bond for Drug Trafficking in Georgia?

A: There is a small chance of getting a bond for drug trafficking in GA, but many defendants are held without bond at first. The bond amount is entirely at the judge’s discretion and influenced by the offender’s criminal history and the circumstances regarding the current conviction.

Since drug trafficking violations are deemed dangerous and high risk for further harm, many bonds are set to near-impossible amounts.

If You Are Facing Drug Charges, Call an Experienced Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

It is vital for anyone charged with drug crimes to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately following arrest. At The Law Office of Lawrence J. Zimmerman, our aggressive criminal drug charges defense can minimize your anxiety and preserve your freedom. We have a great track record of winning our clients’ cases regarding a variety of drug-related charges. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Drug Charges in Cobb County

State v. PS – Client accused of selling drugs to an undercover Cobb County narcotics agent on two different occasions while two other agents watched both transactions from across the street. The jury acquitted the client on all counts.

Cocaine Possession

Client charged with possession of cocaine in Cobb Superior Court. Client had a very long criminal history. The prosecutor asked for our client to serve 5 years in prison as a repeat offender.

We successfully argued that our client should be sent to a drug rehab facility.

The court agreed with us, and he went drug rehab where he was successful.

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