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  • WSBTV – Leanna Harris
  • LeAnna Harris Polygraph
  • Leanna Harris Defense
  • Cooper Harris Toddler Death
  • Harris Death Case – Good Morning America
  • Harris Death Case – 11 Alive News
  • Man Banished from County for Speeding
  • Andrea Sneiderman Murder Case
  • Police Officer Sexually Assaults Student
  • Sexual Battery Suspect – WSBTV
  • Disturbing Security Steps at Local Jail
  • Arson I-85 Collapse
  • Kalief Browder Case
  • Robert Durst Case
  • Leanna Harris – WXIA
  • LeAnna Taylor’s Treatment
  • Wells Fargo Employee Identify Theft
  • Ross Harris Prosecution
  • Ross Harris Prosecution
  • Toddler Death Case Prosecution Statements
  • Ross Harris Prosecution
  • Hot Car Death Cases – WXIA
  • Jeffrey Hazlewood Case
  • Hemy Neuman Retrial
  • Orlando Nightclub Shooting – WXIA
  • Corrections Officer Drug Distribution
  • Ross Harris Jury Selection
  • Ross Harris Trial Coverage
  • Toddler Death Case Jury Selection
  • Harris Trial Jury Selection
  • Ross Harris Preliminary Hearing
  • Mother Accused of Murder Makes Bizarre Appearance
  • WGCL News
  • Basil Eleby – Charged with Arson
  • Laws for Drawing Blood Without Consent
  • UPS Trade Secrets Scandal
  • NFL PLayer Malik McDowell Arrest
  • GA DUI LAw Changes 2018
  • Mom’s Bizarre Court Appearance
  • Lawrence Zimmerman on WAGA News
  • Police Officer Devastated After Fatal Accident
  • Vinnie Politan and Lawrence Zimmerman Discuss Hot Cases
  • Darryl Cohen and Lawrence Zimmerman Discuss Hot Cases
  • Basil Eleby Avoids Jail Time
  • Cobb Homeowner Shoots Suspected Criminal
  • Shooting Over Car Booting
  • Lawrence Zimmerman on Vinnie Politan’s Closing Arguments
  • Media Links
  • 4th Amendment – Tips are not Probable Cause
  • 4th Amendment Protection
  • 4th Amendment Automobile Exception
  • Freedom for Prisoners
  • Fighting False Accusations of Sexual Misconduct
  • Driver Cited While Eating a Burger
  • DUI Law Changes
  • Lawyers Media
  • On Being a Lawyer
  • Hiding Evidence
  • Your Legal Rights

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