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Lawyers say toddler’s mother now a ‘target’ in public eye

09 Mar, 2017

DEFENSE EXPERTS urge cautious comments over complete silence KATHERYN HAYES TUCKER HELPING HIS CLIENT avoid criminal charges is the task of the attorney just retained to represent leanna Harris, the wife of the man charged with murder and negligence in the death of their toddler in a hot car, according to fellow defense lawyers. […]

New Trial in Tainted Conviction

08 Mar, 2017

PROSECUTOR WITHHELD knowledge that alleged victim recanted key testimony in child molestation case GREG LAND | A NEW TRIAL has been ordered for a man convicted of aggravated child molestation after his defense attorneys told the judge they’d overheard the prosecutor confide to a juror after the trial that the victim had recanted his […]

Judge Vacates Driver’s Banishment for Speeding

06 Mar, 2017

KATHERYN HAYES TUCKER A Jamaican-born Lawrenceville resident who was banished from a neighboring county for speeding has won a partial reversal of his sentence. Ricardo Riley was stopped for speeding last year in the Walton County town of Loganville, 19  miles from his home. The police laser detected his speed at 40 miles per hour […]

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