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Every criminal defense attorney in Marietta GA knows that Cobb County goes into every criminal case with a dedicated effort to prosecute the case in a serious manner. Cobb County prosecutors are very skilled, and almost always prosecute cases in a very aggressive manner - especially if the charges are felony crimes. While Cobb County prosecutors may allow minor misdemeanor charges to be resolved with fines and probation, there always remains a real possibility of incarceration.

Our criminal defense law firm represents clients charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes in Cobb County, Georgia. Attorney Lawrence Zimmerman is a skilled trial attorney, as well as a criminal defense attorney who can often obtain a resolution without going to a jury trial. As a dedicated and aggressive criminal defense attorney, Mr. Zimmerman will take the time to thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the arrest and work to find flaws in the arrest, the evidence, and the prosecutors case in general. Our law firm's first goal is to have your case dropped or dismissed.

Many of the Cobb County cases we handle are everyday type arrests such as domestic violence, drug possession, theft, resisting arrest and obstruction. For more serious charges such as rape, robbery, burglary or murder, it is important to know that Mr. Zimmerman has a successful track record of defending clients charged with serious felonies in Georgia. Attorney Zimmerman is an excellent attorney to hire if you want a top notch defense lawyer in Marietta.

If you are facing any type of criminal charges in Cobb County, you should immediately call Lawrence Zimmerman. ACT NOW to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with criminal defense attorney Lawrence Zimmerman. You will quickly see why Lawrence Zimmerman has been hired to handle some of the most high profile cases in the Atlanta area.

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Georgia Criminal Sentencing For Drug Crimes

Can we win? What if I am convicted?

Georgia sentencing guidelines provide a fair indicator of what to expect, however there are many factors that ultimately determine what happens to anyone convicted of a crime in Georgia. First, we choose to have faith that we can get our clients out of their legal predicament. If the evidence is overwhelming, and the prosecutor has an air tight case which achieves a conviction, there remains an ability to influence the outcome. Our professional relationships with area prosecutors and judges, and our status as a respected defense law firm, often enable our requests to be considered. During your FREE CONSULTATION, after learning about your situation, we can provide you with a good idea of potential outcomes including the chances for a not guilty verdict. Our top priority will be to protect your immediate and long term freedom!


We've Been Here and Won!

"Cobb County charges for credit card fraud were dismissed after we proved our client to be innocent."

State v. W.R.

"Cobb County charges for meth possession were dismissed after our successful motion to suppress."

State v. R.S.

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